Supporting local communities

easyJet wants to make a positive contribution in the communities in which it operates. This is particularly important to the employees who also live in these areas.

easyJet already has strong community links around its head office in Luton and our Charity Committee provides small donations based on nominations from easyJet employees, which tend to be for charities in their local areas.

The Luton community around easyJet's head office

easyJet's links are particularly strong in the Luton area, where a large number of employees are based. The airline's first flight twenty years ago was from Luton Airport and easyJet continues to proudly call Luton its home.

We have been a long-term supporter of Luton Town Football Club and in the 2014/15 football season easyJet was the main shirt sponsor of the team. easyJet has since refocused its work with Luton Town by providing funding for the team's children's sport project, which also helps the club to access additional match funding from the national football associations. The Luton Town 'easyJet Free School Visit' project offers every primary school in Luton and Bedfordshire a free physical education session with the club. Additionally with easyJet's support the club has recently extended this to offer female coaching sessions at every high school and further education college in Bedfordshire.

easyJet has also continued to be a patron of Love Luton, an organisation which seeks to promote and improve the town.

Charity Committee

easyJet has a Charity Committee made up of airline employees which provides support, funded by the Company, to charitable activities by the Company's employees or to charities which are important to staff. These tend to be smaller charities in the areas where easyJet's employees live.

In the 2015 financial year the Committee has made 138 awards of flight vouchers or financial donations, each to the value of £250 or €300. These donations, reflecting the priorities of easyJet's staff, have most often been made to health charities, in particular cancer charities, and organisations which support children.

Connecting Enterprising Women

easyJet has established a new community partnership with Connecting Enterprising Women, to to promote and encourage opportunities for women. The partnership, currently focussed on Luton and the surrounding area, matches female professionals with young women to provide mentoring support and career guidance. Initially 10 young women at four local schools have been matched with easyJet female managers. They meet to discuss education, personal development and careers.