Waste management

easyJet seeks to recycle as much waste as possible. On-board, easyJet has a two-bag waste collection system which separates recyclable material such as newspapers, plastic bottles and metal cans from general waste. We do not have control of the final management of on-board waste which is dependent on the facilities at each airport where waste is collected by local cleaning and ground handling contractors. easyJet also has recycling in place in its offices and hangars around its network.

A working group has been established to look at how easyJet can reduce waste across the airline’s operations. The group is considering all aspects of easyJet’s operations and in particular on-board waste. This includes working with easyJet’s supply chain, including Airbus, to identify potential on-board solutions and Gate Gourmet to reduce waste arising from the sale of on board food and beverages. The group is seeking improvements which will also engage staff and customers in the process of waste reduction.