easyJet 'customer charter'

The charter sets out what customers should expect when they travel with easyJet:

  • Safety first, we never compromise.
  • On your side, we see it from your point of view.
  • A big smile, friendly service is our passion.
  • Make it easy, at every step.
  • Open and upfront, we will always be straight with you.

To ensure easyJet’s people have ownership of the charter it was co-created with over 300 employees including pilots, cabin crew, contact centre employees and airport partners. Over the past 18 months, over 16,000 employees have been introduced to these promises and have been trained on their relevance to their specific roles.

This cultural change programme seeks to engage the hearts and minds of easyJet’s people to embrace the customer. More recently, a team of customer champions has begun to engage the management and administration teams on how they can also live the customer charter promises. Employees are also being encouraged to use the charter promises when dealing with each other. This will ensure a consistent culture and approach is developed across the Company. A customer charter recognition programme is being introduced to reward and celebrate where easyJet’s people demonstrate and bring to life the promises within the charter.