easyJet works to promote its value and maintain a positive culture within the business.

To assess the impact of this activity on employee engagement we conduct regular surveys. The survey results for 2015 show that easyJet outperforms the airline norm based on data from the survey provider Ipsos Mori, which aggregates employee survey data from its many airline clients to provide industry averages.

Survey highlights in 2015 (with change since 2014):

  • Employee engagement index (an overall result, based on survey results) – 83% (2014: 83%)
  • The extent to which employees understand and support what easyJet is trying to achieve as an organisation – 87% (2014: 86%)
  • The extent to which employees enjoy what they do and make a positive contribution to the organisation – 80% (2014: 80%)
  • The extent to which the organisation is a good place to work and that employees want to continue being part of it – 84% (2014: 83%)

Following the survey easyJet has identified two main focus areas for improvement. It will respond to employee feedback on rosters and develop a plan to improve this process. easyJet will also consider how it engages with its employees at London Gatwick, the airline’s largest base. This is particularly important as the engagement of easyJet’s people and operational performance at London Gatwick has a significant impact on the airline’s network as a whole.

easyJet’s people continue to show a high level of commitment to working at easyJet, demonstrated by high employee attendance which was 96.2% this year.