Female pilots

easyJet recognises that the proportion of its pilots who are female is too low, though this is common in the airline industry. We want to encourage more women to join and stay in this interesting, highly-skilled and well-rewarded profession.

easyJet has established a new initiative to increase the proportion of new entrant easyJet pilots who are female. This is part of a new strategy to encourage the development of female pilots at all ranks and positions and which will widen the pipeline of women who enter easyJet’s pilot community.

Currently 5% of the over 2,600 pilots employed by easyJet are female and women make up 5-6% of easyJet’s new entrant pilots. We plan to double the proportion of female new entrants to 12% over the next two years.

easyJet will highlight the opportunities of pilot careers to female audiences such as school groups and other youth organisations, through presentations by easyJet pilots and managers, building on the work easyJet already does in mentoring young women. We will also work in partnership with organisations which promote female take-up of STEM (science, engineering, technology and maths) subjects.

easyJet will work with its pilot training providers to attract more women to apply for the cadet programme and offer ten places for women each year on a pilot training programme with the training loan of around £100,000 underwritten by easyJet.

In addition to the current mentoring for all pilots, easyJet will introduce enhanced mentoring for female pilots. Female captains will be given further development support so they can take on leadership roles such as training and base management roles. easyJet will also introduce training loan underwriting for A320 type ratings for female pilots entering from other airlines.